The really important psychographic stuff Copy


The third step in identifying your ideal customer, your target market, is to look at the really important psychographic stuff.


Watch the video for an explanation.


You will need to know your customers to for this one. It’s more about qualitative aspects rather than the quantitative aspects of demographics. If you have a customer facing team, you may wish to involve them in this step.


We recommend allowing an hour or more to complete this step.


If you haven’t already done so, you can download the Course workbook in the Materials section.


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Video Transcript

All righty! Now we’ve looked at the demographics of your top 10 ideal customers, the ones who are most profitable, who you love working with. And now we’re moving on to the psychographics.


So we start with asking what values those customers that you listed hold, that really strongly come through? And we have a list of some example values here for you.


Basically, all you need to do is go through and either circle or highlight those values that are important. Those values that come through really strongly in the list of people that you identified at the beginning of this Course.


For example, at Starfish, integrity is really important. And humour is really important because we’re all about having fun. So we would identify that one. And most of our clients, well, we love working with all our clients, but most of them definitely have a sense of humour.


They’re certainly motivated and action-oriented.


They’re definitely caring.


Trust is really important. And communication is really important and dependability.


So there’s a number of values that we would highlight as our ideal clients, our ideal customers that we love working with.


Similarly, if there’s something here that’s not in the list of values that you know your customers have, just add them to the list in this space here.


Then once you’ve completed that, we look at what’s important to them.


So going back and looking at that list of people, considering their values, then identifying what is important to them.


This is a bit of a descriptive example.


For let’s say Starfish, family’s important for a lot of our clients.


As is trust. They need to be able to trust us to do the work for them and do it well.


And look at the behaviours aligned to the values.


With trust, the behavior around that is they need to get to know someone before they trust them to hand over the work. Things like that.


Action-oriented, they like to do things themselves. That was one of the values. They like to do things themselves and might not necessarily have the time to do that.


So that’s the type of thing that you will put in there.


Again, when we think about, you can see we’ve got type one, type two, and type three here.


That is because you can have more than one ideal customer. And if we go back ups, for example, in the demographics, the values might be different for this age group, the 25 to 35 year-olds, than the 50 year or 60-year olds.


If that’s the case, you need to work through this part with one group of people in mind and highlight their values and put them in this type one. And then go back and do potentially a different colour or different coloured circles, square, highlight somehow the values that the second group of customers that you have. And pop again, the behaviours, what’s important to them, their personalities into that type too. So you’re differentiating the different types of customers that you might have.


Then look at what problem you are solving for those customers.


With Starfish, for example, the problem we’re solving is that they don’t get to do their marketing regularly. So we make sure it happens by doing it for them. We’re saving them time and stress.


And look, you may only have one problem that you’re solving for them or you might have two or three.


And then look at the top reasons that they buy from you.


Again, for Starfish. The reasons that they buy from us is they trust that we’ll make their marketing happen. They realise that they don’t have the time and are prepared to outsource because they know how important marketing is for their business.


And this is, we have a relationship with them or someone they know, which is why they trust us.


Okay. And then we’ll look at where and when they do the research, but we’ll do that is a separate module.